Frame 3 Open the Page & Layer Gallery. Select Frame 2 and click Copy to create the third and final frame. Now all you need to do is set the transparency to zero for the last two lines of text ‘from all at Xara’ so these final two lines of text fade in. Preview again to check it works as expected. You will probably want to experiment with the frame timings a bit - in the Frame Gallery select your frame, click on the Properties button and you can change the display period for that frame. To change the overall smoothness of the movie select the Flash Options tab and adjust Frames per second rate. A value of 24 produces a nice smooth animation. Of course it’s also a snip to experiment with different color schemes because we have used Named Colors. Right click on the Theme Color 1 or 2 patch on the Color Line and open the Color Editor and you’ll see that everything using the Theme Color and its associated Linked Colors changes interactively as you move the indicator in the color square.
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