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Intelligent Photo Rescaling and Zooming
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Fitting an image into a different size space so that it looks right can be challenging, and often results in distorted images. Stretched images, where the aspect ratio has changed, is one of the tell-tale signs of an amateur non-professional document. The human eye is particularly sensitive to changes in aspect ratio of everyday objects, and most people can tell something is wrong with images that are even slightly squashed or stretched. There are times when cropping or simple resizing is not suitable and it would be better to change the composition of the picture. This is an easy task in Xara Designer Pro or Photo & Graphic Designer. The 'Content Aware Resize' tool analyses the photo and can then intelligently stretch or scale regions of the photo that contain less detail, or zoom in to objects within the photo. Here’s an example of rescaling to illustrate my point. My original photo is on the left. The photo on the left below has been stretched and it's immediately obvious there’s something wrong with the fruit.  The photo on the right has been widened with the Content Aware Resize tool - the background has been stretched, but the key foreground objects remain unaffected. Download the trial version of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro and I will show you how easy it is to achieve results like this...