The Xara Outsider contest is for the entertainment of your fellow Outsider readers and of
course the glory – but we’ve also added an incentive in the form of Xara or MAGIX software of
your choice up to the value of $100 (or a credit to your Xara account for use against future
purchases). Check out the MAGIX options here.
Entries must be created in Xara Xtreme and entirely your own work. Simply submit the .xar. In
the September issue we will display a shortlist of our choice for Outsider readers to vote on.
The deadline for entries is: 15th October (not 15th September as originally stated in the
Outsider – congratulations to those of you who spotted that would mean our quarterly contest
only lasted 2 months. Oops).
The theme for this month’s contest is 'Icons'. Your icons must be no larger than 32x32 pixels.
You can use any Xtreme tool, mix vector and bitmap, 3D and 2D or even make it animated if
you wish!
For inspiration take a look at the March Inspirational Art, Denis Sazhin’s YouTube videos, or all
of the great vector icons on iStockphoto.